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How is our hair sourced?

We are always committed to the highest level of ethicality, ensuring all of our hair is 100% ethical and traceable. Gold Fever hair comes from our exclusive warehouse in India, allowing us to guarantee a traceable origin for our hair, as well as consistency and exceptional quality.

What hair is used by Gold Fever?

Gold Fever only use Indian Remy hair. This implies that all the single strands of hair in a particular bundle align in the same direction, with their cuticle completely intact and facing in the same direction just as hair grows naturally.

This particular hair alignment is vital to avoid tangling since cuticles facing in the opposite direction would act very much as Velcro and thus, get caught on one another.


Is it human hair?

Absolutely, Gold Fever only uses Indian Remy hair, which 100% human hair that is sourced ethically and traceably.

Can protein bond extensions be re-used once removed?

We have succeeded in imitating the molecular structure of natural human hair. Gold Fever protein bonds behave in harmony with the hair, expanding when wet and returning to their normal state when dry, guaranteeing a safe, damage-free, and beautiful application.

Thus, once removed, the molecular structure of the protein bond has been broken, meaning it cannot be re-used on the hair.

Protein Bond Aftercare

– Always brush your hair at least twice daily with your Gold Fever Luxury Hair Brush. 

– Avoid using any brush or comb with small balls on the bristles, as this will
damage your hair extensions and natural hair.

– When going to sleep, place your hair in a low plait or ponytail; this will eliminate
friction whilst resting. Bonus Tip: Sleep on a 100% silk pillowcase, as this will help tame any possible friz.

– Always use ‘salon-grade’ shampoo, conditioner and styling products on your hair to
avoid product buildup.

– Always use a ‘salon-grade’ heat protectant product on your hair before heat styling,
and make sure never to exceed 190 degrees Celsius on your styling tool.

– Visit your salon regularly for an in-salon blow-dry.


Can anyone purchase products from Gold Fever?

Our globally renowned protein bond extensions are only available to accredited stylists and salons that have undergone our Gold Fever Education Program. Interested in stocking Gold Fever protein bonds? CLICK HERE for more information.

Our Gold Fever 'Fast Fever' Tape Extensions and Machine Wefts are available to purchase direct from our website without the need to undergo our Education Program.

How does our Education Program work?

Gold Fever Luxury Hair has incredible educators across Australia & New Zealand, allowing us to provide our education days privately and in-salon with you and your team.

We offer a payment plan option, allowing you to pay an upfront deposit, receive your desired education bundle (ultimate or mini), and then undergo your education and accreditation. Only after your training is completed will you pay off the rest of the amount through recurring monthly payments. This is fantastic, as it allows salons and stylists to use their new service to pay itself off!

Salons are free to pay upfront if they wish to do so.

Why can't I purchase from Gold Fever if I have not undergone the Education Program?

We do this to ensure our application techniques, reputation, and standards in Australia & New Zealand meet the global expectations of Gold Fever Luxury Hair. Being a luxury brand, we must ensure that we maintain excellence in every aspect of our brand, most importantly, extension application.

This also ensures all clients receive expert hair extension services when visiting our stockist salons and stylists.